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VDARTS MINI PLUS - 14-inch HD touch screen Commercial Dart Machine
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VDARTS MINI PLUS - 14-inch HD touch screen Commercial Dart Machine

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Brand: V DARTS
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VDARTS MINI PLUS - 14-inch hd touch screen commercial dart machine[NEW Released 3rd Quarter 2018]

14-inch high-definition touch screen, big vision, full experience

VDarts Mini Plus's touch screen has been upgraded to 14 inches, the game control is easier, and the display effect has also risen by one step, basically meeting the needs of more than 90% of merchants. If you want to achieve the cinematic gaming experience, the merchant can connect to the big TV through the VGA interface on the left side of the fuselage.

LED smart light target, not only good-looking, but also understand you
The revolutionary LED smart light dart target is unique to VDarts.
The three intelligent black technologies fully explain the VDarts Mini Plus "people-oriented" design concept.

Smart enough
A variety of games full range of intelligent light target guidance, where to shoot!
Even a novice player can easily comprehend and get started quickly.

High value
The light target is beautiful, soft and not glaring.
During the game, every low ton, hat trick, white horse...
light target dynamic effects can dance with it.

Intimate enough
The math is not good, the light target to make up!
Game key points or darts time target tips, no need to worry about points.

With built-in microphones and speakers , Online games can also be exchanged at any time!
Online game, click the voice button of the game app , you can communicate with your opponent at any time through the microphone.

Laser landmark line , accurate and easy to see
Commonly used darts are mostly glued on the ground, which is not beautiful; or use carpets,
it is not only easy to be trampled after a long time, and often needs to be manually re-adjusted by kicking,
in some stores using carpet darts It also takes up the position of the pedestrian channel and affects the movement.
The VDarts Mini Plus has a built-in adjustable laser dart line that no longer has these concerns.

Built-in coin machine, card reader, store operation is easier
The coin acceptor can be set to receive a variety of coins or tokens. Players can use the membership card swipe game to record game scores at any time, and have personalized display such as game level and exclusive game background effects.

Ultra-quiet on the target , no need to worry about disturbing family and neighbors
The VDarts Mini Plus adds a layer of green sound-absorbing cotton to the back of each target block . The
sound-absorbing and silencing effect is equivalent to the sound insulation effect of the studio.
Even night owls who like to play darts at night, don't worry about quarreling with family and neighbors.

VDartsGame makes VDarts Mini Plus even more powerful
Six major game series, more than 30 darts games,
online networking battles, game modes, happy zones...
Whether it is friends gathering, parent-child entertainment, competitive games, professional training, can easily deal with.


Brand: VDarts
Model: VDarts Mini Plus
Category: Business Machine (Wall Mount)
Voltage: AC 220 V
Size: 99.5 x 54.8 x 7.4 cm
Weight: 20 kg